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We offer a wide range of custom products that can be manufactured to your specifications using a variety of LDPE, LLDPE, and specialty resin blends.

Our custom products are supported nationwide by territory sales representatives, strategic account managers, technical service representatives, and customer care specialists to support your business.


  • Poly Bags - Drum liners, carton liners, mattress bags, furniture covers, textile bags, gaylord/combo liners, and pallet covers (gusseted or centerfold, shrink and non-shrink)

  • Tubing (gusseted or flat) - Pipe wrap, compression sleeves, and parts covers

  • Single Wound Sheeting - Wrapping and compression films

  • Sheets on Roll or Individually Cut - Top sheets, interleave, and slip sheets

  • Shrink Hooder and Co-ex Stretch Hooders

  • Vertical and Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Sheeting (VFFS & HFFS) - Frozen food, seafood, and poultry

  • Specialty Products - Boat shrink, mobile home and transit film, Gerber film, valve bags, and auto inserter tubing

  • Additional features available:

  • Printing - Random in-line print (one color/one side, one color/two side, two color/one side) and ink-jet printing (coding/traceability)

  • Vents - Butterfly, clean cut, slit, and pinholes

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